About Us

A leading Training, Careers Advice and Examination centre offering services to both local and international level for the last 19 years.

Our History

Intech Centre is one of the leading Training, Careers Advice and Examination centre offering services to both local and international level for the last 19 years.

Intech Centre was established in 1999 with the aim of meeting the market trends and needs in IT services. It initially provided various IT services, including web and graphic design, IT repairs and computer trade and supplies to national and international customers.

In 2001, due to its successful growth, the business was expanded into Examination and IT training domain, which provided IT solutions and training to local SMEs in Islington, Hackney and other surrounding boroughs. In 2003, Intech Centre became one of the largest leading examinations centres in the UK, which has provided test services to various institutions – including university examinations, professional tests to electricians, and Home Office Test/Life in the UK Tests.

In 2002, Intech has started delivering various Learndirect courses funded by the government. Since then, it has helped over 50,000 individuals to benefit from the government funded courses and enabled them achieve qualifications with a view of meeting job market or further education requirements.

To complement the service, in 2004, Intech has commenced delivering National Career Services through Skills for Funding Agencies (SFA) funding channels. So far it has helped over 40,000 people with their career including work and learning.

Quality of the Information, Advice and Guidance that we provide is recognised and accredited by Matrix Quality Standards.

Our Impact

Serving the Community
Intech Centre is very well embedded and integrated into the community. It takes prides in serving the community and working closely with its members. Over the last decades, Intech centre has served over 20,000 individuals with funded courses, trainings and examinations services. Our close cooperation with local schools, universities, community centres, job centres and institutions, which led to recruitment of many individuals into our courses and trainings from local areas of Islington, Hackney, Haringey and Camden is just one of many examples of our community service.

Giving Equal Access to All
Intech centre believes that the development of every community lies in providing an equal access to all its members. Hence, we work very closely with local centres and institutions to help tackling unemployment and lack of education in the community, through our government funded projects. Last year, we have helped hundreds of individuals to go into further education or into employment.

Our Collaboration and Alliances
Intech Centre has collaboration and alliances with many national and international organisations in the field of Training, Careers Advice, Education Consultancy, E-Learning and Software/Web Development.

We are working with some of the biggest prime contractor for government funded provisions as well as Microsoft, Cisco, BCS, City & Guilds and many other private organisations to provide tailored made services in exams, training, e-learning and software development.

Our Location