Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam

A Maths GCSE or equivalent qualification has become increasingly important for those pursuing work and/or seeking to go into further education. The Functional Skills Maths Level 2 qualification is a recognised GCSE equivalent* that will equip you with the desired knowledge and skills for your work, academic or personal goals.

Exam Information

Intech Centre is an approved City & Guilds examination centre offering Functional Skills Level 2 examination in English and Maths. These qualifications are considered to be roughly equivelant to GCSE A-C and are widely accepted by the universities,education institutions and employers. Please check with the institution that you are applying whether they accept the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 qualification before taking the exam as we do not take responsibility or give any guarantee that they will be accepted by every single organisation or the course.

Intech Centre also provides funded training and funded examination, subject to eligibility criteria, as well as Private Self-Learning Online Functional Skills Math Course. Please contact us on 020 7354 5655 to make an appointment to see one of our Careers & Employment Consultants to find out whether you are eligible for funded provision.

Exam Preparation

In order to prepare for the Functional Skills Level 2 in Maths test, we strongly advise you to visit the City & Guilds website and get familiar with the testing system and the questions.

  • Please go through the Navigation Tutorial couple of times to understand the functionality of different items in the actual exam.
  • Please go through the Sample Tests to understand different styles of questions and how to answer them.

Sample Test 1
Sample Test 2
Sample Test 3
Sample Test 4

If you would like to brush up your skills quickly, please visit the BBC Education Section

Exam Preparation by Intech Centre

Intech Centre prepared videos to help you for your City & Guilds Functional Skills Maths Level 2 exam. Please watch and learn from the videos below. We suggest you to pause and try to solve a question yourself and compare it with the video. Please note that Functional Skills videos are prepared for guidance purposes only by Intech Centre .


City & Guilds Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Certificate


One online exam which is 2 hours long.

It will take up to 27 working days for City & Guilds to mark the exam and inform us (Usual date was 20 working days but due to high demand, City & Guilds increased the date to up to 27 working days).

It will then take up to 2 weeks for us to receive the actual certificate if the exam result is a pass.

Pass Mark

‘The actual pass mark may vary between assessment versions, to take into account slight variations in accessibility or difficulty and to ensure the standard of work required to achieve a pass is consistent.’

Pass mark is 48 marks out of 75


This is a private examination and costs £90 in cash for each attempt.
Amount must be settled on the day, before registering for the exam.

FUNDED FUNCTIONAL SKILLS PROGRAMME & EXAM: Please note that Intech Centre also provides government funded Functional Skills programmes where both the learning and exam will be funded, subject to eligibility criteria. Please visit our Functional Skills Maths course section for further details.

PRIVATE ONLINE FUNCTIONAL SKILLS COURSE: Intech Centre provides self-funded and self-learning online Functional Skills Maths course. Please visit the PRIVATE – Functional Skills Maths Course section for further information.

Book an Exam

Please call us on 020 7354 5655 or complete the form on ‘Enquire Now’ section to book your exam.

Please note that you must bring your passport or driving licence on the exam day.

Exam Day

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your exam start time to give us enough time to register your details onto the system
  • Please bring a photo ID* such as Passport, Driving Licences, Biometric Residence Card or Identity Card
  • Payment of £90 in cash must be settled on the day before the registration
  • Certificate: City & Guilds Functional Skills in Maths Level 2
  • Cost: £90 in cash
  • Test Duration: 2 hours
  • Result: Marking may take up to 27 working days
  • Test Days: On-demand online test
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City & Guilds - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Sample Paper 2

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